In this all-girl household, I am ALL about empowering women.

All women…


And these mini-women!



One thing I love about being a girl-Mommy is that I am not allowed to be lazy on personal growth in the girl-power department. 

I mean, sure, I’m technically allowed to do whatever the heckity-heck I want. But I don’t roll that way. So even on days when I might want to be self-deprecating towards MYSELF, I find those hateful vibes get choked out a little faster because I am very rarely without these two monkeys watching my every move.

I am glad that I don’t have the luxury to give up. I’m glad that I feel the pressure… that there are two very adorable reasons not to give in to those awful messages. I’m glad that they will think of their Momma as strong as hell, and their biggest cheerleader. They’ll probably even roll their eyes about it, because I’ll probably overdo it… it’s just my way 😉

Anyways when I’m feeling low on the energy I need to fight and win as a woman, or when I’m trying really hard to show my girls how diverse and wonderful and amazing their unique female-ness is, I have recently found major inspiration here:



  1. Lady Bits book. {amazon affiliate link} Ladies. We NEED to get to know our bodies better. And if you’re only going to read one girl-power self-help book, please make it this one. I have the good fortune to personally know the author of this bundle of amazingness and her book has had a huge impact on my life. We have practiced yoga together, posed for the cover of the book together, gone for long walks, brainstormed our respective businesses, and shared wine together. I was so honored to be on the editing team, to contribute photography, AND to be a cheerleader as she gave birth to this book. But being on the team is only a small part of why I love it so much: IT. IS. GOLD. I’ve read it at least five times in three years, and I’m inspired anew each time! Every woman should read it and I know I exaggerate a lot but I’m not even kidding this time. Please. Go get it in your amazon cart right this instant. I don’t even care if you’re so distracted by doing it that you forget to come back and finish this post. JUST GO!
  2. Allison Kimmey’s Instagram feed. The power of this woman’s words and photos OFTEN bring tears to my eyes. “I’ve hated this body as a size 2 and fell in love with it as a size 18.” Her affirming voice is like my reassuring body-positive angel-on-the-shoulder when I’m feeling only 2.5% confident about the two-piece suit I’ve chosen to wear as I play with my girls at the fountain. Allison’s message oozes the kind of confidence that sinks deep into my bones and helps me stand tall even on my most self-deprecating days… you know those days, right? The days where you won’t let yourself be happy or confident because you “know” you need to lose 10lbs first. Nope, I can’t be doing that to myself anymore… especially not with two impressionable young women watching my every move. You bet your a$$ I’m on the list to preorder Allison’s children’s book “Glitter Stripes” when it comes out… for my girls. for myself AND for my girls.
  3. Wonder Woman. Duh. The three of us ladies saw it together in theater. We stayed up way too late on a school night, and it was totally worth it! I can’t wait to buy it so I can watch it by myself when I’m crying over spilt milk and not feeling very strong. (Can I get an amen ladies?) I mean I cry pretty easily but my eyes were definitely leaking numerous times during the film. Everyone needs to channel their inner super-hero sometimes and I really need mine to be her. Always her. If you haven’t seen it yet, go quick. Or just watch the trailer; that should give you plenty of girl-power vibes! 😉 OR channel her with the soundtrack of her life being the soundtrack of YOUR life!


Sending all my ladies strong and capable vibes today!

I hope you find a little inspiration in these three gems! 


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