You know how sometimes you greedily snarf down a bag of M&M’s and hope no one is watching you?

But sometimes you sip on some red wine and slowly nibble and savor a nice [reasonable sized] square of dark chocolate?

Books can be like that. 

For me at least!

Sometimes I binge read my set of the Twilight novels… which some in the literary world would call “junk food,” but I love nonetheless! (Full disclosure, I’m 100% Team Edward and yes I’m almost 30 and no I don’t care.)

But sometimes. Sometimes I read a book and the words, phrases, concepts, or imagery just beg to be chewed on.



Those are the “dark chocolate” books. 

The ones that I underline favorite sections in. The ones I beg my buds to read so we can gush to each other about who amazingly rich and complex they are! The ones I reread over and over again.

So think of this as me giving you a list of a couple favorite types of dark chocolate bars. I hope you read them and I hope you get as many book-nerd shivers from them as I do! 

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1. The Book Thief

Any book partially written from the perspective of Death, who is personified as quite willy and also a deep thinker is bound to pass said deep thinking onto the reader!

2. When We Were On Fire

A beautiful (and maybe painful) memoir that anyone can appreciate… but if you grew up in the evangelical world of the mid-90s you might even feel Addie’s read your journal!

3. What the Stones Remember

I was haunted by the raw honesty and imagery of this man’s journey out of addiction and into wholeness and healing. I loved the power of nature as a balm and his descriptions of the Pacific Northwest made me even itchier to visit Olympic National Park in Washington and Vancouver Island in Canada.

4. Lila 

A drifter with a heartbreaking past marries an old Iowa preacher… the way Marilynne Robinson uses Lila to wrestle with the conflicts of society and religion during that era is just beautiful. A migrant worker survives The Dust Bowl and settles down with an old man who can barely comprehend her old life. It’s a wonderful book that really lets you struggle through it all with Lila.

5. No Matter the Wreckage

I wish I had a greater appetite for poetry. So I can’t really speak on this genre vs any other more traditional one… but boy am I glad this spoken word artist has published her work. It’s a delight to chew on the words of her poems!



6. The Twilight Saga

Because everyone needs a little junk food reading every once in awhile 😉 You’re welcome.