A couple weeks ago, I bumped into a former headshot client. I remembered her because her first interaction with me was one I hear often… something like:

Good luck taking a good photo of me. I’m not photogenic. I’m only doing this because the team wants me to get a headshot done. Sorry.

I still have a hard time believing that people walk around thinking such depressing thoughts about themselves. But I also love the challenge of getting them outside of their head for those 15 minutes I’m pointing my camera in their face.

My goal?

To show them a glimpse of the powerful amazing person they are. 

It’s not always easy. And maybe some people still walk away from headshots with me feeling “blah” about themselves. But it’s always my goal to empower people. I want you to see what I see when I look into your eyes. I want you to understand the intensity and the beauty of your one-of-a-kind face!

Well Susan came up to me and thanked me again for the headshots I had taken. She said it was one of the only photos she had of herself that she actually liked!

And THAT is why I love headshot photography.



I emailed Susan later and asked her a few follow-up questions…


When was the last time you had a great picture of yourself that you felt proud of? About 20 years ago.

What did you feel going into the headshot photoshoot with me? I had a sense of dread. I have never liked having my picture taken. I usually close my eyes or my smile looks phoney. My daughter was worried about her wedding pictures of the two of us.

What was it about my style that put you at ease? You gave me direction. That helped me a lot. It took my mind off of worrying about my eyes and smile.

What do you remember feeling at the end of the shoot? Hopeful.

What was your first thought when you saw the final images? Surprised and happy about the result….especially since a lot of people were going to be seeing the picture.

When you look at your headshot now, how does it make you feel? I still like the picture and am pleased.

Would you recommend me to a friend for headshots? Absolutely! You know what you are doing. People can trust that they will be pleased with the result.


Her thoughts remind me that we all can feel this insecurity when we approach the idea of getting headshots done. Or any photos, for that matter! But headshots are especially intimidating because we’re trying to present the world with an impression (a good one, we certainly hope!) with just the sparkle in our eyes and the expression on our face!

That’s why I just love to hear when my efforts as a photographer pay off for my client. 

I hope all my headshot clients walk away from their shoot with their head held a little higher, especially if they picked up a few good tips from me about strong jawlines and confident squinchy eyes. But more than that, I hope when they see their images they understand a little better how the world sees them… and get excited about what they have to offer!

Like these board members of the Corning Area Young Professionals! 

Stay tuned for their new website launch featuring images from yours truly. Thanks for all you’re doing in the community guys!




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