You guys! You guys! YOU GUYS! (<— I’m jumping up and down like a crazy woman)

I’m teaching classes at 171 Cedar Arts Center this session!

So if you’ve ever looked at my work or read my blog or been one of my clients and thought “Man, I wish I could hang out with this girl and learn how to take pictures better” then YOU. ARE. IN. LUCK. because I’ve got three awesome classes open (plus one workshop) where we can get together and talk photography!

If you’re impatient to see all the options before I finish the blog posts 😉 I totally understand and you can check them out here.

My Monday night class is going to be for teens (ages 12-17) and it’s called Mobile Photography: Beyond the Selfie. 



The idea for this class was born from my intense hatred of selfies 😉 Not because I don’t love seeing everyone’s beautiful faces. (I love faces, see?) It’s just that I know there are so many potential artists out there who feel the burn in their creative soul to capture better images with their phones, they just aren’t sure how!

Well come hang out with me for seven weeks and we’ll get you started on the path to creating amazing digital art with your mobile device. 

You don’t have to have a “fancy” camera to take amazing photos. You have the power in your pocket to tell the world your story… to show the beauty of your life from your perspective.



All you need for this class is your phone, something to take notes with (like… your phone), and weather-appropriate clothes for our photo walks around the Gaffer District.

Oh, and a sense of creative adventure. 

We’ll be discussing the basics of awesome composition, we’ll talk about what makes or breaks a photo, and we’ll even play around with some editing apps and learn how to kick our art to the next level. We’ll discuss instagram and relevant hashtagging, and we’ll push each other with photo assignments throughout the week.



Since I know I can’t totally prevent you from taking selfies, I’m going to teach you how to take awesome ones.

They used to be called self-portraits and they’re very vintage-chic, trust me 😉 

We’ll learn types of unconventional self-portraiture and how to master the timer functions. We’ll play around with my favorite phone tripod. And we’ll discuss such weird things as faceless portraits and why they’re cooler than selfies.



So March 13th-May 1st you can join me Mondays from 5-7pm at 171 for all sorts of fun and learning. 

Register today! 

This is a really great class for any teen who wants to explore their creativity within photography, especially if you’ve thought about getting a “fancy” camera. Since you will walk away with a basic knowledge of your skills as an artist, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about what camera upgrade is best for you.

And don’t forget, if you’re not a teenager, you can sign up for the big kid version of Beyond the Selfie at my workshop on Saturday, April 1st (from 11-2) and get a super fun crash course in all of the above! 



Do me a favor and share this post with a photography-loving-teen in the Corning area!

And come back tomorrow to hear me gush about my Momtography class and Friday for my DSLR class promo!