You guys. This trip was amazing. 

It was crazy hard and not really a vacation for the Mommas, but man was it worth it! 😉

There’s a really big difference between what you think a trip like this is going to be, and what it actually is. Because when you beg your bestie to ditch her husband for a week for a girls-only trip to Lake Placid with your four kids between the ages of 7-9, you better be ready for chaos hard work amazing adventures!

And truly, vacation amnesia has set in and allows me to forget the fact that I was so dead tired by the end of each day I could barely sit by the fire long enough for a glass of wine. Vacation with kids is so much more work than real life with kids. But we had so so so much fun! 

And I’m really proud of us all!



We hiked and got dirty and climbed on boulders and found cool creatures.



We had a campfire and smores every night. We learned how to play Hammerschlagen. We hung up as many hammocks as we could possibly fit in one campsite.



My oldest took this photo on my phone… her excitement over how beautiful the light and shadows looked melted both my Mommy and my photographer’s heart. She often says “Mom! Take a picture!” when she sees something cool… and I’m letting her take the wheel more and more.

So we had this fun morning moment where I slowed down and gave her my phone and a few suggestions and she ended up with this. 

And her friend said “Wow! It looks like a magazine photo!” 🙂



We found two lakes to play in… one that we could walk way way way out in and never have it go over the girls’ heads! And one where we could rent standup paddle boards and make a crazy floatilla using my sister’s raft, some string, and some carabiners. #wheretheresawilltheresaway!



We survived the nature trail to the top of Whiteface Mountain on a 90 degree day! Amazing views and everyone survived, even if I was worried we didn’t bring enough water and everyone was going to get sick from the heat!



There were moments we thought “we’re crazy, what were we thinking?” and there were moments where we thought “THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT EVER!”

Which probably sums up parenting in general as much as it sums up this vacation 😉 

I hope y’all are out there squeezing every ounce of fun you can from this glorious summer!


And if you’re heading to the Adirondack Mountains with kids, check out Panther Mountain and Middle Saranac Lake beach! We give them 6 gold stars!