I had another opportunity to spend some time with the amazing Christofaro family.

This time we set up in the comfort of their home to celebrate Little Miss Harper’s first birthday!



First of all, I really loved Melissa’s choice of The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a theme.

Besides the fact that I loved reading that book to my own little ladies, Eric Carle just slam-dunks the bright-colored cuteness!



And just look at the lace details of this dress she found! I die!



As I was setting up my background and we finished blowing up the balloons, Harper needed a quick nourishing nibble before indulging her sweet tooth and I took the opportunity to capture the sweetness of those moments, too.



So first the balloons…



And then, CAKE.



And oh my, did she dig in!



It was funny, the more mangled the cake got, the more excited Harper was!

She was even dancing for us at one point!



I don’t blame her enthusiasm. I mean, how often does Mom tell a one-year-old to please PLEASE make a big, edible (and delicious!) mess?

Best. Day. Ever.



And it’s always just my favorite to end these things with a bubble bath.

Both because a) it needs to happen to this buttercream-frosting-covered mess of a baby anyways and b) it’s adorable.



Oh and c) bath time is such a fun, familiar experience for kiddos and I always get such authentic expressions and sweet details when I incorporate a bubble bath into a shoot.



All the sweeter when Big Sis begs to join in 😉 



Hellllooooooo eyelashes!



And before she ditched the adorable hoodie towel in favor of comfy jammies, I couldn’t resist pulling out my bubble machine. Classic!



Another big Happy Birthday to you Miss Harper! 


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