Newborn Photography | Baby Judah

One thing I love about my job is the fascinating client stories I get to share! It's obviously wonderful to walk into a hospital room full of smiling family members who just welcomed their new baby into the world. Or to get to play around with a fresh fresh newborn!       That alone (and the beautiful images that result) would totally be enough to make me love doing what I do.  But then I get to hear the sense of pride in Mom's voice as she tells how Judah's birth was really meaningful and empowering to her.     The story of her first child's birth was one I've heard many times. She was induced and medicated and after a long grueling labor had an emergency c-section.     For her second daughter's birth she wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.) She wanted a natural birth and she really wanted to avoid numerous c-sections because she has always hoped to have a large

Giveaway | Share My Promo Video and Get Some Coffee!!!   The best way to spread the word about anything is through personally telling people you know how EXCITED you are about it! So here's my new promotional video and I'm obviously pumped to have one more way to share my passion for birth photography even more with this area. (You can tell how excited I am by all the shouting and talking with my hands. Classic Jessica.) I really wanted people to have a chance to get to know me, and I think this video does a great job of that!   And I'd like to ask you for help sharing it!    I'm so very grateful for the overwhelming support y'all have given me since my business relaunch in the fall. Your gold stars and high fives have meant so much! I appreciate every comment and share and like. You guys are amazing! I have heard from numerous folks in the social media crowd how much they love just seeing my bright beautiful photography on a regular basis. And besides

I Want to Start a New BIRTHday Tradition

  Wouldn't it be adorable to sing the "Happy Birthday song" to every newborn baby? Mom and Dad and nurses and grandparents and whoever... all gathering around the precious new life and singing a song we usually reserve for the first "real" birthday.     Isn't the first day of our lives worth singing over? "Happy BIRTHday dear BABY! Happy BIRTHday to you!" And seriously, doesn't Mom deserve to eat that cupcake after all her hard work? That's what I thought

More than Just a Headshot

  I had a really amazing experience a couple weeks ago... I went to a local nonprofit organization with the "simple" task of "just" taking headshots for some of the staff and board members. But what ended up happening was so much more rewarding!      I had the privilege of showing these amazing specimens of humanity that they are totally capable of rocking a headshot.  Nothing slams us up against our insecurities like getting our photos taken. And headshots are just the worst, because we KNOW that it's just our face! That's it - that's all we have to tell our story here!  But that's where I get to come in with my ninja skills and teach people how to forget how nervous they feel... to remind them that this is about so much more than their face... that my goal is to pull out the genuine expressions they show the world every single day. Oh and I've only got 15 minutes to do this. But it CAN be done!     Most

Three Reasons You Need a Birth Photographer

  I believe that every baby should have a professional photographer there to capture the first moments of their lives. The birth of a baby is as unique, powerful, and beautiful as a lightning strike.  And the memory of those moments are just as fleeting! Each child's BIRTHday is as unique as the child itself. You and your man have waited a long time for this moment... meeting your newest addition to the family!     If quality photos of your child's most special moments of life are important to you, then you need to hire me to capture their very FIRST special moments!    And here are three reasons why:   1. I am the best cheerleader ever.  You need to hire me because I'm a calming, encouraging presence in your birth space. I'm discerning enough to know what you need, whether it's a ninja-quiet fly-on-the-wall or a hand to hold as you breathe through a contraction. I think birth is a beautiful thing and I can support you

Senior Session, Class of 2016 | Julz | Corning Photographer

Walking around downtown Corning with Julz in 70 degree weather was definitely an awesome way to end my fall photography. We found so many great gems for her photos! I so appreciated her willingness to try anything! There were a couple times she looked at me like "uhhh seriously?" and I'm like "trust me it feels weird but it will look great!" and I think the following photos prove just how important a photographer-client team is. Working together with my clients to create images they love is always a challenge - but it's so rewarding when when you find that sweet spot. And we got to enjoy some of my favorite fall colors right before the leaves flittered down for the season! Thanks for the awesome photo walk Julz! Congrats on your senior year and best wishes for a bright

My Favorite Gold Star

  The biggest compliment I've ever received about my work in birth photography has been the numerous moms who've said that just looking at my pictures has made them want to have another baby. That's a pretty serious statement.     And it tells me that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Because photographing this moment for families is super important. And powerful. There's something deep down in our bones that can feel the power of what these images represent! (a new amazing life)     And apparently it's powerful enough to make people want to procreate again! ;-) Not exactly the response I was expecting, but hey. It's beautiful and I love

Families at Home | Little Miss Eliza and the Perrys

  I had the wonderful chance to peep in on the Perry family's evening routine a few weeks ago. Little Miss Eliza is certainly the star of the show! You can tell she knows that she has Jeff and Rachel wrapped around her adorable chubby little finger! I love coming to photograph a family right in their home. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - Home is where the best photos happen! Playtime, bathtime, storytime... Eliza just thought I was there to join in the usual fun!  And a full evening enjoying her smiles was certainly a blast! Thanks Perrys, for welcoming me into your home to photograph these special little-girl