Link Roundup | New York State Parks

  As I mentioned in this post, it's the centennial celebration year for our National Parks Service. And if you're like me, and not too sure that there's a National Park trip in your family's future for this year, how about checking out more of what your local area has to offer?     Right now at the Rockwell Museum there are some pretty awesome historic images on display from Watkins Glen State Park. Which apparently is rocking the #3 Best State Park in America by 2015's USA Today's readers!      With Spring Break starting tomorrow (at least at the Corning-Painted Post schools) I am thinking not only of things to do this coming week, but also in the summer.     Did you know that the modern American notion of a vacation was coined not too far from here? In 1869 William H.H. Murray published a wilderness guidebook about the Adirondacks, and the virtues of "vacating" the city to explore the

Happy 100th Birthday to Our National Parks!

  So get this. In the interest of full disclosure, I was that girl. The one who pronounced Yosemite "Yo-sem-ight" until my friend from California set me straight. (If you're freaking out because you're also that girl and you still don't know how to pronounce it, it's "Yo-sem-ih-tee" ... you're welcome.) It's okay to laugh at me... life's too short to take myself too seriously ;-)      So anyways, after I knew how to pronounce the name of one of our country's most amazing National Parks, I had the pleasure of experiencing it with my sisters! It was one of the most beautiful trips of my life!  There was also a LOT of hiking involved and I was very out of shape, so it was one of the most challenging trips, too. But that's a story for another day!     Have you heard that this year marks 100 years since the National Park Service was established? After falling in love with Yosemite, I definitely can't wait to go