There are a lot of people wandering around this wonderful world with a camera they just don’t quite know how to use. It can be super frustrating and intimidating to open the box of your fancy new gear and realize that you haven’t the slightest idea where to start with all those buttons and settings.

It’s scary, I know. 

And I’m here to help! Bring your camera to 171 Cedar Arts Center on Friday nights and we will go over all the creative settings you need to know to get the images you’ve been pining for.



Some people go years and years without learning how to take their camera out of auto and into manual mode.

But not you! Cause you’re going to sign up for this class and learn how to shoot creatively. 

In this class we’re going to take baby steps out of those automatic settings and into the slightly scary amazing realm of manual, where you will discover the power to finally get the shots you want.

You know your camera is capable of more and I know YOU are capable of more!



Each student in this class will get one-on-one time to go over their individual camera and the settings it has to offer. (Bring your camera manual!) We will take photo walks to the Gaffer District and local parks for hands-on learning, so make sure to dress appropriately!

Along the way I will teach you the basics of excellent composition. You are going to become a photography ninja, armed with all the technical and creative tools you need to make your digital art come to life.

A DSLR camera is not required for this class, but much of the teaching time will be spent going over manual settings on cameras. Many point-and-shoot cameras offer these functions. And even if you want to join the class and just shoot with your phone, you’re still going to learn a lot.

If you have any camera questions (like, will yours “work” for the class?) just email me and we’ll talk shop:



I’m pretty passionate about empowering people. And there’s a huge thrill for me when I see the smile on a student’s face because they finally figured something complicated out on their camera. I don’t think there is such a thing as too many good photographers, too many great story-tellers, too many artists.

If you have a burning desire to push yourself (and your camera settings) to get more creative with your photography, then we are going to make a killer team! 



Sign up quick if you want to take this class! (Because of the more technical nature, there aren’t as many open slots as there are for my others.)

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