So if you checked out the complete class list that I’m teaching over at 171 Cedar Arts Center this session then you saw I’m teaching a fun Wednesday morning class for moms of young children.

Momtography: The Art of Photographing Your Kids is going to be all about helping moms who have a passion for documenting these fleeting moments of childhood but feel like they’re always bumping up against the frustrations of fast moving [and often uncooperative] tiny humans.

I’ve got tons of pro tips ready for you!


*** I hope it goes without saying that “Momtography” is an obviously gender-specific term that I just think is funny. Moms tend to be the ones at home with their young kiddos and they tend to be the family photographers. But for heaven’s sake if you’re a Dad who’s rockin’ either of those roles in your family please PLEASE join me for this class! ***



Besides being a pro because I’m literally a professional photographer (who has taken thousands of pictures of my clients’ kiddos) I’m also a pro because I’ve been chasing my own children around with my camera for pretty much every second of the past seven years of their lives. That’s a crap ton of hours of experience.

Don’t feel too bad for Double Trouble, they’ll appreciate it later right? 😉



In this class, we are going to “talk shop” that is specifically geared toward solving the problems Momtographers face.

If you have a DSLR camera, you’ll master the basic functions that will help you capture crisp images of those fast moving little monkeys. But even if you only have a point and shoot camera or a phone, I can still teach you a ton of tricks for documenting those sweet moments.



I have a passion in all my photography for really capturing the details of life. And this comes out the most in my photography of children. There are just so many little things about childhood that I think lend themselves to beautiful, powerful images.

We’ll talk about how you can get these same images of your kiddos! 



Childhood is a colorful explosion of laughter and chaos and love and tears.

No one needs to tell a mom twice that these memories and moments will be gone in the blink of an eye. I think that’s why moms pretty universally feel such a desperate pull towards growing in their photography skills.



So whether you want to know my top 5 secrets for getting kids to make eye contact and tricking them into real genuine laughter for a photo or whether you’re just interested in some of the posing prompts pro photographers use, you should definitely join me on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 starting March 15th.



The best part of this class is that kids under the age of 5 are totally welcome and even encouraged! We can use them as models for applying the lessons we’re learning. Or we can just as easily strap them on our backs or into the strollers while we take our photo walks.

This will be real life Momtography at it’s finest folks! Sign up here!



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Not a mom? How about this class for teens or the adult workshop by the same name? Sign up now!

And come back tomorrow to check out the info on the more technical DSLR class I’ll be doing.