Ready to get your twinkle on? 

Join me on Thursday, December 14th at 171 Cedar Arts Center for a holiday twist on my Nighttime Photography Workshop!



Bring your DSLR camera and your tripod (both are 100% essential for this class) and learn the art of long exposure.

We’ll be turning street lights and Christmas lights into starbursts that make your tail wag! 



The class is from 5-8pm. We’ll start at 171 getting comfortable with the concepts we need for this effect, and then we’ll bundle up rain or shine and head out for a walk in the Gaffer District.



Please note: I’m going to roll with the weather for this workshop, so you need to dress appropriately and prepare to be flexible… 



… cause we’re going outside, rain or SNOW 😉

But seriously, I’m almost crossing my fingers for snow. The only reason this workshop will be canceled is if it’s a really bad, dangerous wintery mix. But if there’s snow-globe-snow, we’re gonna photograph the shenanigans out of it!

So you should consider purchasing some sort of rain sleeve to protect your equipment. I recommend this affordable option on amazon – {affiliate link} but you can email me if you have any other questions.

(Side note about a rain sleeve… they work best if you use them with the lens hood. Please let me know if you don’t have one because I might have an extra one that fits your lens.)



Besides it’s usual sparkle, Market Street is going to be lit up in all it’s Christmas-y glory! So please join me in a jolly evening of festive photography! 


Sign up in person at 171 Cedar Arts Center, or by calling (607) 936-4647 or emailing