When your brother gets engaged to one of your best friends, what’s the first thing you start scheming?



An engagement photography session, of course! 

No? Just me? 😉



Well fine maybe that’s just a photographer-problem… I don’t mind! Being able to photograph the people you love is so great because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the session. I’ve got some pretty solid Sherlock Holmes skills and I usually do a thorough interrogation of my clients before a session to make sure we’re really capturing “them” and taking photos that reflect who they are.

But that’s pretty easy when you’ve known one of the clients their whole life.



It was so great to be able to photograph some of the things that make Alex & Stacey the couple they are… quiet moments on the front porch, giggles and snuggles and bike rides…



They brought me up to a beautiful location that has a lot of meaning for them – Mount Savior Monastery in Elmira.

It’s this peaceful, pastoral area surrounding their church… adorable sheep and everything! It really reminded me of some of the killer photography locations I experienced in Germany. The sun even cooperated with beautiful golden light at the top of the hill!



All engagement shoots are wonderful celebrations of love… full of laughter and smiles and kisses and hope and excitement for the life that this couple is building together.

And it’s even more wonderful when the happy couple in question is going to make a lovely addition to your family! 

All my love to you two! Congrats and best wishes!



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