I had a student say she had a former photography teacher tell the class that “Every photo should be a work of art.” and she asked me if I think that’s true.

And I said that’s complete garbage. 

I mean, what a creativity-crushing statement to give a new photographer! I sincerely hope this teacher was joking, or just trying to push for everyone’s best, but if they were serious, shame on them.

“Better done than done perfect” has always been a favorite life motto for me. It suits me because I gulp life down in pretty big chunks so I don’t really have time to devote absolute perfection in any one area.

So I really enjoyed reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. {affiliate link} She is a huge cheerleader for creative souls to just get their dang work out there and then get back to creating more! If you feel like you have even one creative bone in your body (which really, all of us do!) then I highly recommend this book.

As a teacher, and a mother, and just a person in this beautiful world, I strive to empower people to make their art and love it in all it’s imperfection.

Art is a journey. I will be better at this next year than I am today!

But that doesn’t mean what I create today isn’t worth anything!



So get out there you, YES YOU! Create your thing and be proud of it. We need your contributions to this world!


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