This summer I had the privilege of returning to Appleridge Senior Living to take some more headshots and to do a special custom shoot to get them some fresh images for their marketing purposes.

Everyone knows that you need good quality stock images to accompany your marketing, whether in print or digital form. 

What I like to point out is why not hire me to do customized stock images that are obviously YOUR company? So much better than paying for stock images online that are a lot less unique and personal to you.

What your ideal client wants to see are real people in your real spaces…


So what I do when I come in for a stock photography shoot like this is I discuss in advance what the marketing mission is for the images. In this case, we borrowed two willing residents for a few hours and we took some of my close headshots of them, as well as used them as models in the main dining room, the fireplace lounge, and a furnished model apartment.

I focus on a variety of images along the scale of big picture (what does this whole room look like so I can imagine myself living there?) to the small details (oh yes, that cup of tea looks lovely. I’d be so happy sharing tea there with my friends and family!)

I think the results really help draw you into the deeper feelings and mission of this wonderful residential community.



I really enjoyed my tour of the beautiful spaces available to Appleridge residents. But one thing I noticed more than the lovely decorations and cozy looking furniture was the cheerful atmosphere.

It’s completely evident that not only are the residents enjoying their community, but the staff is happy to be there as well.

I’m so proud to use my work to spread the message of a place like that! 



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