I do not like to eat the same dinners over and over. I envy people who can have a 1-2 week rotation of favorite meals and therefore always know what’s for dinner on a Tuesday night. But for me, unless I’m hardcore in the zone of menu-planning organization, it can often be a scramble at dinnertime.

Sometimes that means we have stovetop popcorn or oatmeal for dinner 😉 

(Which I carry no guilt over – I mean, whole grains and real butter and all. But it’s a bit boring.)

A much BETTER solution to a “question mark” night is a concept I learned from a German friend. We were talking about cooking one day and she told me about the tradition of Abendbrot, or Evening Bread.



See, the Germans have a brilliant solution to the daily question of “what’s for dinner…” and it’s bread, cheese, meat, and veggies. BOOM!

She said she laughed when she married and American and learned that most of us eat a big meal every evening. She was like “Who has time and energy to cook after a long day?” and “Who eats a big heavy meal right before bed?”

I remember being like, “That’s so true!” And I still do it anyways because I’m an American and good Americans prepare a large and sometimes elaborate meal a few hours before bed. #tradition



But I love this Abendbrot concept and it really comes in handy in a pinch. Now don’t get me wrong, I love curry and tex mex and chicken teriyaki and minestrone. I use my crockpot on busy nights and usually when I make food I have at least two meals worth of leftovers anyways. So if I use the freezer right, it’s not like I’m slaving away in the kitchen every evening and I still get to have plenty of variety!

Still. This concept of basically having an easy picnic style evening meal really makes me smile!



So next time you’re in a meal-rut or just crunched for time, channel your inner German and serve up some simple evening bread for dinner. 

The Germans don’t eat it like a sandwich by the way… so bonus points if you gobble it up open-faced! #authentic #abendbrot



Abednbrot Ideas:

  • rolls from Wegmans
  • hearty homemade bread
  • goat cheese or herbed cream cheese
  • brie
  • sliced cheese
  • deli meats
  • smoked salmon
  • fresh cut veggies
  • olives
  • grapes
  • apple slices

Guten Appetit! Enjoy your meal!