Time for a great EVENT announcement! Coming soon to an arts center near you…



I’m working with the awesome double-prizes team of the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce AND 171 Cedar Arts Center to bring you a two-day event to fix your headshot problems!



Don’t think you have a headshot problem? Well let’s see here…

Do you have a headshot on your website? On social media? On marketing materials for your business or company? 

Is your headshot less than five years old? 

Do you actually like your headshot? Does it look like you? The real you? 

If you answered no to any of these questions, you have a headshot problem and I can fix it.



Just contact me here or email me (lifewjess@gmail.com) to snag your spot for a 15 minute headshot session on either Tuesday morning/early afternoon February 5th or Wednesday evening February 6th.



I believe really strongly in the power of a good headshot. It can become a soapbox-thing actually. I try not to be a snob but I am sick to death of boring headshots that make people look like they’re out to lunch. I’m also sick of “headshots” where I see mostly the suit and a lot of blank backdrop space with a tiny little head in the middle. You can barely see the person’s face, especially their eyes! It’s such a shame.

And I don’t think there’s a professional out there who can argue with me that they don’t actually need a headshot at all.

If you want people to work with you or hire you, you want them to get a good first impression of who YOU are the first time they see you online. 

So if you have to have a headshot, why not try my unconventional style of tightly cropped shots?



But why, you ask, do I chop off the top of everyone’s head? Isn’t that a photography composition no-no?

Sure. But I like breaking the rules and here’s why.

Nobody learns any important information about who you are from looking at the top of your head. They need to see your eyes! They need to be imagining they’re there with you, getting ready to have a cup of coffee and talk shop. You want a feeling of closeness, and this is how you get it… 



One of my photography heroes is Peter Hurley. And he’s obsessed with this type of headshot photography. His book {affiliate link} inspired me to give it a try and I couldn’t go back.

Unconventional headshots like this (horizontally cropped and zoomed in tight) are the type of image that’s going to set you apart from the crowd of boring, traditional portraits. The world does not need any more photos of people looking like deer in headlights in front of a traditional gray background.

The world needs to see you up close and personal. And in this digital day in age, sometimes the first thing a potential employer or client sees is your headshot choice.

So what’s it going to be? 



The way I frame and shoot headshots draws the viewer in. Your eyes are front and center. And I teach you to communicate through them. This type of shot feels more personal and inviting. And when you’re talking about the first-impression you’re giving a potential employer, client, or customer, that’s EXACTLY what you want!

Personal. Inviting. Confident. Approachable. That’s what I’m showcasing here. 



Plus, I’m a heck of a lot of fun to work with.

And that should be a tipping point for your decision-making here because let’s be honest, if you have to go through the potentially uncomfortable process of standing alone six inches in front of a photographer’s camera, wouldn’t you rather it be with someone who can make you laugh?


Email me at lifewjess@gmail.com or contact me here to book your headshot slot for this February event!