Family photos are always fun, but the Togni shoot holds a special place in my heart because it was a birthday present for Jen earlier this year from a dear friend who wanted to celebrate in a special way.

They celebrated milestone birthdays for her and her husband this year, plus the graduation of their son from high school and their daughter from middle school! 

Every year is worth celebrating, but yes, this one seems extra awesome for this family!



The Tognis are one of those families that has you laughing right away. No one is taking anything too seriously, and honestly that’s the way I like it!

And their level of flexibility was much appreciated, as we got a surprise rain storm midway through our shoot and had to relocate. I know, everyone who’s been in Corning this summer is confused by me saying “surprise” rainstorm, as it’s been raining what seems like at least once a day all summer. But seriously, the forecast was clear when I left the house! And ironically, after just a 10 minute drive to our backup location, we were in the clear. So weird.



But it was kind of awesome to have to go from Mount Savior Monastery to Harris Hill because it was a great night for that lovely view!



So best wishes to Sarah and Ben as they start the next chapters in their education! And happy belated birthday to Jen! I hope you enjoy the results of your birthday present as much as I do!



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