When I lived in Germany, I was exposed to a few new (to me) varieties of crops.



For example, I will never think of Spring in Germany without thinking of these yellow fields of rapeseed flowers. I will also never think of a bottle of canola the same ever again… I can’t image how many of these tiny flowers need to get pressed to get a bottle of that popular cooking oil!

Anyways, those fields are just my favorite, but that’s not what today’s post is about, I’m just being easily distracted.




About this time every summer, most villages would have at least some sunflowers blooming in some local farmer’s field. There would be these “Blumen” spots you could stop and cut your own flowers!

And besides sunflowers, there would be lovely gladiolas and dahlias.

I was obsessed with the sunflowers.




And one summer I discovered a field that must have been for sunflower seeds and/or oil.

It was amazing!



I know there are states in the US where you drive by miles and miles of sunflowers.

But this Upstate NY girl had never seen that until she lived in Germany, and it was beautiful!

So now summer = sunflowers. 



And because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for them, I wanted to get some of these bad boys into your hands. Or more specifically, onto your walls! 

I just think that any combination from this collection of prints would brighten up any room in any house!



So for the whole month of August, you can purchase any sunflower print from this album for 25% off with the coupon code Sunny25.

If you click on “see all products” you’ll find square print options. A collection of squares makes a really interesting and eye-catching wall collage. 



And don’t forget that Christmas is seriously just around the corner!

So maybe you don’t need any sunflower fine art prints for your wall.

But maybe your mom does! Or your best friend! Or your sister or girlfriend or your kid’s favorite teacher who loves the color yellow!



And once you’ve purchased prints, you’ll be looking for frames.

I love these front-loading MCS Format Frames at amazon {affiliate link!} because they are minimal and really make the photos stand out. Plus you can’t beat the prices! I’ve been using them for years and I’m very pleased with them.



Truly! Do me the honor of supporting this local business with a unique fine art print purchase! 

Look, we all love Target, but please join me in becoming a wall-art-snob here! 😉



Not into sunflowers but still want some wall art? I’ve got more fine art albums! 

You can also contact me here for more print options. My archives are full to bursting with everything you need to spiff up any space.

I’m also available for commission work if you want to hire me to create something new just for you!



Happy summer everyone! 


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