As winter comes to a close I wanted to share this awesome drink I’ve been making to help battle stress and exhaustion.



I feel bad for my girls. Elsa and Anna think I lied to them when I said Upstate NY has tons of snow… they haven’t even had enough to really go sledding or build a snowman! I’m not really all that sad about the lack of shoveling this winter, but spring’s not here yet 😉

Well it’s nice to sip this sunny drink, no matter the weather! It’s good for everyone, but especially anyone who is physically or mentally under chronic stress. 



My Mom is rocking this nutritional plan (check out Trim Healthy Mama here) that has a ton of really great recipes for healing your body and energizing with healthful ingredients. This is my favorite one she’s shared with me… it’s nice to have something to sip on during the day besides water, especially when I’ve already met my caffeine quota 😉



This recipe makes enough concentrate for a gallon. You could also double it to freeze for another time. Just thaw and add water!


Singing Canary Drink

Original Recipe from Trim Healthy Mama, tweaked by Jess

  • four lemons
  • water
  • 2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 4 pinches pinches of salt
  • 3 splashes vanilla extract
  • 6 drops lemon essential oil
  • sweetener, to taste




So your first step is to peel the lemons. You want to leave as much of the bitter white pith as possible (check this out for some of the benefits of the pith) but you should try to remove the seeds after you cut them into quarter chunks.



Besides the lemons, the star nutritional players in this drink are turmeric, salt, and coconut oil. Turmeric is amazing for you in a lot of ways and I’ve known this for awhile but never found a way to consume it regularly (till now!) I mean, I don’t make curry on a regular basis and drinking turmeric tea wasn’t exactly my thing. (Check out this article on some of turmeric’s gold stars!)

Salt, the ever-controversial beauty, has some really important minerals when it’s unprocessed. This is Himalayan salt, my favorite. (Here’s why it’s super important to consume unrefined salt on a daily basis.)



So first you’re going to blend the shenanigans out of your lemons. Add some water and get to it. Don’t stress out about an exact amount here, remember we’re trying to reduce stress 😉



Once it’s blended, you’re going to strain the lemon goop so you’re left with the lemon water in a bowl.




I like to stir it around and press all the liquid out. Just a few minutes.

I hate throwing nutritious food away and I often try to recycle stuff like this into tea or something. Don’t be like me. It was nasty. They aren’t kidding when they call the pith bitter. Just toss it out… you’ve got plenty of the good stuff from it going into the Singing Canary. No need to save the leftover goop.

(However, I did just read an idea I’ve yet to try – you can save the pulp to add to smoothies because the bitterness will be masked more easily. Let me know if you try it with success!)



Now pour the lemon liquid back into the blender and start adding the other goodies.



I’ve had good success with raw honey and also with maple syrup as my sweetener. But honey is fabulous for you during the cold winter months (and any other time) so go for that if you have it. Bonus points from the crunchy crowd if you source it locally 😉



Once it’s all blended you pour the concentrate into your containers (mine are two half gallon mason jars) and then fill them the rest of the way with water.




Enjoy it right away with ice and a fancy fun paper straw. Then store the rest in the fridge and sip away over the next few days.



It’s super nice to have something on hand that I know is full of nutrients I’m not necessarily getting on a regular basis. It could be 100% placebo, but I like to close my eyes and imagine all the health benefits taking their effect on my tired, stressed body and mind.

THM recommends this for anyone suffering from chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, and even cancer! I also think it would be fabulous for any of my pregnant mommas out there. Good for you and mini-you!