Golden Hour is a professional photographer’s favorite magic trick.

It’s a bit of a misnomer because it’s actually a two hour chunk of time either right after the sun rises or right before the sun sets.



As someone who loves drama and bright splashes of light in her work, Golden Hour delivers almost every time.



But it also provides the opportunity for a really soft, natural light that flatters everyone. No harsh shadows under the chin or eyes, nice soft well… golden light! (for lack of a better word!)



There is something about Golden Hour that makes everything sparkle and shine! This image of this picnic table at any other time of day would not be nearly as inviting.



See? This isn’t Golden Hour. This is Boring Hour. It’s fine, it’s just not singing to me.



But here, in Golden hour, it gets me feeling all poetic and nostalgic about summer, don’t you think?



It even transforms the humble, ugly back alley into something beautiful and artistic! It’s all about this wonderful magical light, man!



I shoot almost all my portrait sessions during the evening Golden Hour. Can I promise you sunshine? No, of course not. But we’re gonna shoot at Golden Hour even on cloudy days just in case.



And I can always sneak in some photoshop “sunshine” magic if I need to 😉



The sun speaks to us. I don’t know why, it just does.

There’s just something magical about a photographer’s ability to team up with the sun at this very specific time of day and capture the last rays of that days’ light! 



We get to freeze it bursting through the trees or making rainbow halos around a picnic table.



The sun’s beauty and presence at Golden Hour transforms everyday objects and every day moments into something magical and dreamy.

That’s why my favorite time for photographing families, couples, and seniors is Golden Hour. 


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