If you’re looking outside today and wondering how you should celebrate Earth Day have I got a suggestion for YOU!

Show some love to the Corning Street Tree Project! 

Start by heading to corningtrees.com



If you think some of the photography or the subjects of said photos (or the writing of the posts!) look familiar it’s because I am one of the co-founders.

And together with some of my best friends (and siblings!) we have started this project in Corning that we’d love you to get involved with!



The biggest things we need right now are donations and for folks to spread the word!

You can donate now by clicking on this link to the Community Foundation’s donate page. 

Click on the “Choose a fund” dropdown menu and find us under “C” for Corning Street Tree Project Fund. 

And please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell ALL your Corning friends to do the same. Thanks so much!

Happy Earth Day!