I am finishing up editing one of my favorite sessions to date.

It was a recent in-home, multi-generational shoot that was full of just the sweetest moments. 

Grandma and Great-Grandpa were there to snuggle and play and share sweet baby kisses. We hung out in the toy room where the girls spend their days playing with their Grandma while Mom and Dad are at work. They snuggled on the couch together and showed me their favorite dolls and awesome microscope!



Big Sis got into her dance outfit for me and showed me her music box. They read stories together and jumped on Mom and Dad’s bed. There were tickle-fights and giggles galore.



Photoshoots like this are hands-down my favorite because I can just see how much more relaxing it is for families. Especially those with real little ones. Everyone is more comfortable in their natural habitat, adults AND kiddos! We were able to take breaks for goldfish snacks and breastfeeding and outfit changes. I was able to take pictures of the girls in the most meaningful places in their home.

We even ended with a bubble bath, which always result in some of the most beautiful, candid moments that really capture the essence of childhood. 

It was just dreamy!

Does this type of shoot sound awesome to you, too? Contact me today for a cozy in-home session that captures the true spirit of your family!