You’re gonna love this soup recipe.

Only two ingredients guys. Chicken stock and eggs. Wait, three ingredients… you gotta have a heaping hunk of patience with kiddos in the kitchen 😉 Oh crap you also need salt and pepper.

So ignore my “two ingredient” comment.

But whatever it’s so easy even your littlest helpers can help big time! 



Quick note on farm fresh eggs. I hard boil about a dozen a week (school lunches and quick protein snacks) and I found a trick.

You do need to treat fresh eggs differently when you’re trying to hard boil them because otherwise the shell will not peel right AT ALL. It sucks. So I follow my America’s Test Kitchen {affiliate link} rule of bringing the water to boil, removing from the heat and covering for 10 minutes, then a 5 minute ice bath.

BUT I now punch a tiny hole in the bottom of each egg first and am happy to report clean angst-free peeling! 

Key is to just poke a hole through the shell without puncturing the membrane fully. I grab each egg and try to figure out which side is the widest (the “bottom?”) because that’s where there is a little pocket of air in between the membrane and shell. Then I take a small screw or thumbtack and gently GENTLY punch through the shell only.

If you screw up and punch too far it’s not that big a deal, your egg will have a little string of escaping going on.



Also, my farm fresh eggs come with a little bit of … farm… still on them 😉

So when I’m letting the girls help in the kitchen, I tend to wash the eggs in hot soapy water first to avoid any poo or dirt or feathers ending up in our soup.



Okay let’s make some simple “Scrambled Egg Soup!”

This recipe is born out of a desire to get more homemade chicken stock into the mouths of Double Trouble. And it’s a simple version of a recipe in Nourishing Traditions {affiliate link} because I’m usually in a hurry and usually don’t have some of the fancy ingredients in that recipe. (“Fancy” is parmesan cheese, if you’re wondering.)

I don’t know why they like it so much as it’s a bit boring. But hey, it’s simple and delicious and nutritious AND easy for them to make with me!



Scrambled Egg Soup

2 quarts chicken stock

6-8 eggs

salt and pepper to taste


Bring stock to a boil. Whip eggs into a bowl. Add eggs to stock, whisking constantly until eggs are fully cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serves 3-4.

Additions: crusty bread

Toppings: anything to give it some yummy flavor. I’ve recently enjoyed a scoop of salsa with some cheese and chips.



So I gather my helpers and let them get to work on the eggs while I bring the stock to a boil.



Whisk the shenanigans out of those eggs…



…and add some salt and pepper.



Pour the eggs into the boiling stock. I’m pretty sure making funny faces helps the flavor 😉 



Whisk and whisk and whisk away.



And that’s that! Scrambled Egg Soup! Easy and simple and sometimes just the right meal on a cold night. Or for lunch. Or sometimes even for breakfast, cause I’m weird like that.




Please pin this to your recipe board!

And tell me in the comments if you try it and enjoy it! I’d love to hear from ya…