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Lessons Learned from Little Fashionistas

I've never called myself fashionable. I have my own sense of "style" I suppose, but you'd certainly be stretching it to call it fashion. Sometimes I pay attention to what the cool kids are wearing, and sometimes I wear too many colors. Or too many patterns. Or just something weird. But that's pretty much always been me. It's especially helpful that I'm an artist so I can pass off any questionable fashion choices on my "artistic flair." ;-)  I bet everyone, no matter how confident they seem, has doubts about their sense of fashion. I know I do.     I think we could all learn a lot from watching a kid who dresses themselves.  It's always been a conscious parenting choice for me to allow my girls to dress themselves for most days.     But generally speaking, my kids have pretty free access to whatever is in their drawers and closets. Sometimes the results are hilarious and I have to stifle my

Dear Mom Who Just Had a Baby…

Hey girl! So you just had a baby! CONGRATS! You're amazing! You gave birth! You deserve a thousand gold stars! You deserve a medal, a high-five, a cookie!     You know what you also deserve? Not to have to get out of your comfiest yoga pants for at least two weeks, that's what.  You also deserve not to clean up, cook, or worry about anything during this time. You have every excuse under the sun, but your fresh sweet little one is certainly the only excuse you need ;-) You deserve to enjoy that tiny human in all their tininess... cause we all know how quickly they turn into a toddler. Then a preschooler. Then a college graduate. (Or so I've heard.)     And you know what else you deserve?  You deserve to remember this time. I get it... your brain is scrambled eggs right now. You are dealing with more hormones than a sorority house and the last thing you have time to do is think about anything... least of all

Why a BIRTH Photographer should Enunciate Clearly

"So what do you do?" (question from a stranger) "I'm a birth photographer!" (my excited answer) "Oh cool, a bird photographer." (response from a stranger, usually a man.) "Whew, cause I thought you said BIRTH." (another response from another stranger, also a man.) "I did. Say birth." (me) Awkward pause ;-) (usually with a quiet "gross" under their breath haha)     Technically speaking, I do take pictures of birds. But birth and babies... that's my THING!      Hey, birth photography definitely isn't for everyone. But if it's for you, BOOK NOW! I'm already starting to fill up for end of fall and early

Easy Day Trip | George Eastman and Photography

When you think of the dawn of photography in America, you probably think of Kodak. #kodakmoment  The Eastman Kodak Company and it's founder George really paved the way for making photography accessible to all. Did you know that he invented the first average-joe-accessible camera in 1888? Atta boy George!     I love going to the George Eastman house and learning about the man and the company that has really shaped the trajectory of my life. I mean, besides the fact that it's kind of my job, photography is also my art! When I was a kid I used to say that I wanted to "be an artist" when I grew up. And I always had this image in my head of some oddly French stereotype of a beret-wearing portrait-painter dude (odd because for a 3rd grader who'd never been to France that's what I would think of, but also because as a female I would have a tough time rocking the handlebar mustache!) Turns out painting wasn't really my thing. So I guess I figured