Why a BIRTH Photographer should Enunciate Clearly

"So what do you do?" (question from a stranger) "I'm a birth photographer!" (my excited answer) "Oh cool, a bird photographer." (response from a stranger, usually a man.) "Whew, cause I thought you said BIRTH." (another response from another stranger, also a man.) "I did. Say birth." (me) Awkward pause ;-) (usually with a quiet "gross" under their breath haha)     Technically speaking, I do take pictures of birds. But birth and babies... that's my THING!      Hey, birth photography definitely isn't for everyone. But if it's for you, BOOK NOW! I'm already starting to fill up for end of fall and early

Easy Day Trip | George Eastman and Photography

When you think of the dawn of photography in America, you probably think of Kodak. #kodakmoment  The Eastman Kodak Company and it's founder George really paved the way for making photography accessible to all. Did you know that he invented the first average-joe-accessible camera in 1888? Atta boy George!     I love going to the George Eastman house and learning about the man and the company that has really shaped the trajectory of my life. I mean, besides the fact that it's kind of my job, photography is also my art! When I was a kid I used to say that I wanted to "be an artist" when I grew up. And I always had this image in my head of some oddly French stereotype of a beret-wearing portrait-painter dude (odd because for a 3rd grader who'd never been to France that's what I would think of, but also because as a female I would have a tough time rocking the handlebar mustache!) Turns out painting wasn't really my thing. So I guess I figured

September “New Year” Resolutions

It's back to school y'all! I've got that "fresh start" optimism that comes from the return to the good old routines of fall.      The smell of a fresh box of crayons is usually what does it for me. It always makes me want to overhaul all my messy closets and sloppy habits. I left the closets alone, but I did take some me-time to journal and dream big for this school year. I know I know... Jessica, YOU'RE not the one starting school again, it's your kids!  Yeah yeah yeah but when they're in school, it reminds me of when I was in school, and it makes me want to buy some crayons and sniff them start some new habits! And I also recently finished reading and discussing The Power of Habit (affiliate link) in book club so I wanted to push myself a little in the application department.     It almost feels like September is a good time for some "New Year's Resolutions" so to speak.  My usual problem given my type-A

An Apology to Susan B. Anthony

  Lovely Warren wrote a beautiful letter to Susan B. and it was so inspiring I thought I'd write one of my own...     Dear Susan B, I'm sorry that I take my right to vote for granted. I'm sorry that I forget it hasn't even been a hundred years since women had that right.     I'm sorry for the naiveté of thinking the fight for women's rights is a thing of the distant past... that I sometimes don't take these matters seriously, even today. I'm sorry for being lazy.     I'm sorry for the elections I could have, but chose not to vote in... for no real reason other than apathy. I'm sorry for not paying attention to local politics, where it can be argued that my vote matters even more.     I'm sorry for neglecting to discuss these matters with my daughters. I'm working on it now, I promise. I'm so thankful to have been able to visit your grave and cry a little bit over

Easy Dinner Idea | Abendbrot

I do not like to eat the same dinners over and over. I envy people who can have a 1-2 week rotation of favorite meals and therefore always know what's for dinner on a Tuesday night. But for me, unless I'm hardcore in the zone of menu-planning organization, it can often be a scramble at dinnertime. Sometimes that means we have stovetop popcorn or oatmeal for dinner ;-)  (Which I carry no guilt over - I mean, whole grains and real butter and all. But it's a bit boring.) A much BETTER solution to a "question mark" night is a concept I learned from a German friend. We were talking about cooking one day and she told me about the tradition of Abendbrot, or Evening Bread.     See, the Germans have a brilliant solution to the daily question of "what's for dinner..." and it's bread, cheese, meat, and veggies. BOOM! She said she laughed when she married and American and learned that most of us eat a big meal every evening. She was like "Who has time and