Corning Area Community Concert Band

  We had the pleasure of attending another performance of the Corning Area Community Concert Band on Thursday at Centerway Square.     These talented folks get together once a week to practice and then they perform in our community just for the love of music!     The band celebrated it's 40th Anniversary last year and there are quite a few members who have been involved from the beginning. You still have a few more chances to catch them this season but I'm most excited about their July 4th performance before the fireworks!  Come check them out and support instrumental music in our

Easy Method for Grilling Pizza

  Ahhhhh summer. The perfect time to grill pizza and consume it leisurely outside surrounded by family and friends!     Not only is it safe to say that grilled pizza is my favorite summer food, there's also the fact that pizza is my favorite food in general. So this is a post that has a sprinkling of tips for perfect grilled pizza, but mostly it's a love letter to the best food on the planet. In my humble opinion of course! (Apologies in advance if you're reading this on an empty tummy... #becausepizzanomnom)     So round up your favorite topping and helpers and get prepping.  DON'T start the grill, yet. For pizza, you only need the grill on low and getting the pizza ready takes time. So I usually wait till I'm over halfway done with food prep before I fire up the grill. For this particular pizza night at Grandma and Grandpa's, we made pesto pizza (pesto, tomatoes, and mozz) and regular old pepperoni

Last Day of SCHOOL!!!

  Well I don't know about you all, but we are super pumped about the last day of school today. I am naively excited that I don't have to pack any more school lunches for awhile. Even though I know deep down in the dark corner of my brain that I want to ignore that I only have about three days till the "I'm bored"s start.  So. THREE CHEERS FOR

5 Ways to Preach STRENGTH not Skinny

{Alright you know how this works but just a reminder, any amazon links you see in this post are affiliate links. By clicking on them, you help me bring home some more bacon, at no extra cost to you! You don’t even have to buy what I’m blathering on about, but if you buy anything at all, you are helping support this blog and this business. THANK YOU!}     I'm pretty passionate about teaching my daughters to have a healthy self-image and a healthy view of fitness. I've wasted too many years of my life worrying about how much I weighed or how toned my tummy was. I've struggled with an eating disorder and a terrible results-focused approach to fitness. I want to teach my girls to be STRONG and healthy. Not just thin.     So here are five things I do:    1. Expose them to a variety of types of exercise.  The important thing is starting the conversations. Show them which muscles are getting stronger with the

Otterberg Cistercian Monastery [and New Tattoo]

  There is a village in Germany that means a whole lot to me. It probably doesn't make it to the top 10 list of anyone's travel plan... it's not necessarily famous... it's not even that big. But it was home for four years. I never thought I'd have a "German home town" but I sure do. And a part of my heart will always be wandering those cobblestone streets on my way to the bakery for a fresh pretzel. I learned how to use my camera in this village.  My babies grew up in this village.  Sometimes I feel like I grew up in this village.      In the middle of this village... Otterberg, Germany... sits a 12th century Cistercian Monastery. It's the second largest church in that state and no other church or cathedral I saw in Europe impacted me like this church.     When I first stood inside this church, it took my breath away. I have never stood inside such an imposing building that was so simply designed. It was very