Shauna Neiquist talks about “thin places” in her absolutely-wonderful-you-should-own-it book Bittersweet. {affiliate link} She was traveling in Ireland and studying Irish literature and poetry and she learned about this Celtic mystical tradition:

A thin place, according to the Celtic mystics, is a place where the boundary between the natural world and the supernatural one is more permeable – thinner, if you will. Sometimes they’re physical places. There are places all over Ireland where people have said, if you stand here, if you face this direction, if you hike to the top of that ridge at just the right time of day, that’s a thin place, a place where the passage between heaven and earth is a short one, a place where God’s presence is almost palpable.



About an hour from Corning is a very special thin place.

It’s a place where I have memories from almost every year of my life. It’s a place that’s a deep part of me.

You hear whispers here… I think you even hear Whispers.



My spirituality is in an interesting place right now, and I’m comfortable with that weirdness. It’s nice to come back here, to this place that remains largely unchanged despite the changes in my personal life or my faith-journey. I feel connected on a deep spiritual level to the roots that were nourished every summer of my life in this place for all those years.

“There were places where it seemed that one could run or climb or stand and wait to see what next was coming – until, perhaps, as it all melted, one could float away.” (Frances Hodgson Burnett)



Camp is one of those places for me. And it’s a very very cool thing to share it with my girls now. I remember when I was working for two weeks at camp the summer I was pregnant with Elsa (and then briefly visiting the summer after when I was pregnant AGAIN with Anna) and I just couldn’t imagine them being old enough to go to camp.

Nope. Impossible. These tiny humans will NEVER be that big.




Well anyways we’re at day camp this week. They are loving it and I am loving it and we’re all going to be so deliciously tired by the end of the week.

We’re going to smell like campfire smoke and have dirt caked into our fingers and grass stains on our jeans. There will be dark circles under two tiny girls’ eyes and friendship bracelets on their wrists that they likely won’t take off till January.



And I’ll be stealing moments away when I’m not volunteering to walk in the woods I’ve walked a thousand times.

I’ll probably take my journal and my hammock and listen to the wind in the trees and get some more bug bites.

It’s gonna be great!


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