I don’t have much to say about the Luck ‘O the Irish, but let me tell you about this Lucky Bamboo plant that is gracing my desk these days.

(It’s lucky and it’s green, so this ALMOST counts as a St. Patrick’s Day post)



COME ON! It’s so freaking cool I can hardly stand it.



It was love at first sight at Wegmans and I ended up buying it a few weeks later when I saw that she was one of only two of her sisters left.

I just couldn’t resist the cool juxtaposition between the curving lines of the stalks and the straight lovely leafy canopy that shoots up from them.



No clue how the Bamboo Wizards do this sort of thing, but I’m digging it.

I’m also really on board with the fact that I apparently can’t kill it because it doesn’t need a lot of sun (which my home office doesn’t have) and it also doesn’t need a lot of water (like… once every two weeks. Maybe. Even I can handle that!)

So with the snow flurries we had this week and Spring seeming so so so far off still… I’m gazing at this Lucky Bamboo plant with major heart eyes.

I’ll take all the green, and all the luck I can get thanks very much!


Wishing a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend to you and yours!