I might be too late to enter these photos into Urban Corning’s contest  but I was inspired by Sean’s thoughts and I wanted to share my pictures anyways!

Sometimes we forget that there’s a certain beauty, or at least something interesting, in everything… even the smelly, loud, inconvenient things like construction.



Three cheers for how quickly the Market Street repaving project happened!

But while the street was closed, it was definitely an interesting experience. And I appreciate Urban Corning’s push to get out there and appreciate the unique chance to explore Corning in a different way!



I even had a couple chances to wander the empty streets at night with friends (and kiddos) and I hope that the memory of racing their friends up and down the street outside of Dippity Do Dahs stays with them. It was kind of fun that one of the busiest streets in Corning turned into a little bit of a pedestrian-friendly public space in the evenings. Made for a bit of a magical end-of-school, start-of-summer experience.



And now Market Street has had her fresh coat of pavement and she’s all ready for a fun-filled Gaffer District kind of summer!


Like this post? Then please tell me in the comments… did you explore Market Street during construction week? Or did it just annoy you to have to bypass the traffic? No wrong answers! 😉