Now available at Card Carrying Shop: Feminist note cards by yours truly! 

Once recently when I was browsing through their fabulous collection of books, cards, and gear I got to chatting with one of the owners about maybe designing some photo note cards of my own to sell. She was all for it!

The idea kind of came to me as I was looking through some of my favorite photos of my girls… I just love how they often throw gender norms out the window. And so some of the messages of my cards came specifically from that juxtaposition I see in my little ladies. Where you get a little girl who doesn’t think twice about climbing a tree in a pretty dress with sparkly shoes.

My girls are just being themselves, but the inspire me all the time. And my hope is that they will inspire you, too!

There are also some funny cards and some encouraging cards. Something for everyone on your list, when something other than “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well” fits the bill. We really wanted to come up with some unique messages for the shop. And who doesn’t love getting bright, colorful, empowering snail mail?

If you haven’t checked out the book store recently, you really must. And not just to snag one or two of my cards 😉 I always find something great in there, whether I’m shopping for myself or for my girl gang.

So head on over to Card Carrying Shop at 15 East Market Street or check out their website here. You can order great stuff and listen the their podcast, the Feminist Airhorn!

Feminism equals optimism y’all!