One thing I love about my job is the fascinating client stories I get to share!

It’s obviously wonderful to walk into a hospital room full of smiling family members who just welcomed their new baby into the world. Or to get to play around with a fresh fresh newborn!




That alone (and the beautiful images that result) would totally be enough to make me love doing what I do. 

But then I get to hear the sense of pride in Mom’s voice as she tells how Judah’s birth was really meaningful and empowering to her.



The story of her first child’s birth was one I’ve heard many times. She was induced and medicated and after a long grueling labor had an emergency c-section.

[Side note: C-sections save lives and I highly respect when a doctor deems surgical birth necessary. No birth is alike, just as no Momma or baby are the same. However, statistically speaking, inducing labor before the body is ready for childbirth leads to a higher rate of medical intervention and surgical delivery. I could complain about this for awhile, but I’m telling a beautiful story here… mostly I’m just thankful for my own mother, who delivered her last baby naturally and eventually inspired me to look into a midwife-assisted birth. But I’m also so pumped by the growing body of research and support available to new moms these days. It’s so important for women to be educated on the power and strength their body naturally possess. Anyways, back to story time…]



For her second daughter’s birth she wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.) She wanted a natural birth and she really wanted to avoid numerous c-sections because she has always hoped to have a large family. (If you have too many surgeries, some doctor’s might recommend closing down Hotel Uterus for safety reasons.)

In the end, she had a successful VBAC with the aid of an epidural in the final stages of labor!



She was proud of her VBAC (as she should be!) but still a little dissatisfied with the epidural experience.

Once you get a goal in your head, sometimes you just have to fight till you achieve it, am I right? Even if it means battling the mental roadblocks and pushing ourselves beyond what we think we can and cannot do!



So fast forward a couple years and along comes Baby #3. Momma was hopeful for the birth she had been wanting. And sure enough, with the support of her husband, a midwife, and a doula she gave birth to Judah 100% naturally. 

[What’s a doula? She’s like inviting the most soothing cheerleader ever into your birthing room. Check out Darcie Hughes for a local gem. She’s fabulous.]



What I love so much about stories like this is that it gives you a glimpse into how childbirth is about so much more than Baby. It’s also about Mom! 

The power of a woman’s body in carrying and delivering another human into this world is a beautiful intersection of pain and triumph… the end [of pregnancy] and the beginning [of new life.] And how that story plays out can have a huge impact on the way a mother thinks of herself. It can be a very empowering and beautiful experience!



Lindsey and Judah illustrate that childbirth doesn’t have to be something that’s just “endured.” And while it can certainly be intimidating and even a little scary, it’s also something to walk through in confidence. Especially with some experienced and wise hands to hold 😉

Congrats times a million Lindsey! Not just for your beautiful new boy but for the amazingly beautiful story of his birth! 



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