I have been daydreaming all week about this moment from last summer… my first time trying stand up paddle boarding.  The sun was shining on Mirror Lake and it was my first time viewing the town of Lake Placid from the water.

I had bruised my sternum the week prior in an unfortunate hiking fight with a large piece of a granite boulder in Acadia National Park. So I wasn’t able to mess around and try my hand at yoga balance postures like my siblings were doing.

Besides laughing at their antics, the main memories from that evening are quite moments like in this picture… where I was just sitting down for a rest, enjoying the water and the warmth of the sun. 



I’ve had a heart full of miss for Lake Placid this week. I want to go camping and feel my lungs burn as I haul my tush up a mountain. I want to get dirty and breathe fresh air and try stand up paddle boarding again.

What about you? Sick of this crazy March weather, yet?

What’s your favorite summer spot? Please tell me in the comments. I always love new vacation ideas!