Sometimes you have to just force yourself to sit and snuggle under your quilt and drink your coffee and read your book, because you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself, and that’s how you stay sane sometimes.

Sometimes you are only home from Italy for two days before you get a new job at a place you love that you found out had an opening while you were still in the airport.

Sometimes you have to leave a training shift at said new job and rush to the ER to meet your parents and your broken-wristed-baby.

Sometimes little girls that are so bold and confident and amazing on the monkey bars fall and break their wrist.

Sometimes you spend sleepless nights in the hospital and at home, giving round the clock meds and hugs and “I’m so sorry baby” words of comfort.

Sometimes you haven’t even had a chance to finish sorting through your trip pictures, let alone start editing them. Or you still have bits of luggage to unpack. Or outstanding client work to finish. Sometimes you’re not ready for the holiday season to start, but it’s starting whether you like it or not. Sometimes you aren’t sure how to keep calm in the face of all this chaos. You haven’t even had time to stop and smell the pumpkin spice and it’s already almost Halloween!

So sometimes you just snuggle on the couch with your kid. 

Or you take naps.

Or you cry, if that’s what you need.

Or make another cup of coffee.

Or call a friend.

Or take a walk in the crisp fall air.

Or cross most of the non-essential items you can off your to-do list.

Or tell yourself the lofty business goals can wait.

And definitely tell yourself to breathe and just focus on the next thing… and only one thing at a time!

Because hey, sometimes $h!t happens and you just have to roll with it!