Ahhhhh summer. The perfect time to grill pizza and consume it leisurely outside surrounded by family and friends!



Not only is it safe to say that grilled pizza is my favorite summer food, there’s also the fact that pizza is my favorite food in general.

So this is a post that has a sprinkling of tips for perfect grilled pizza, but mostly it’s a love letter to the best food on the planet. In my humble opinion of course!

(Apologies in advance if you’re reading this on an empty tummy… #becausepizzanomnom)



So round up your favorite topping and helpers and get prepping. 

DON’T start the grill, yet. For pizza, you only need the grill on low and getting the pizza ready takes time. So I usually wait till I’m over halfway done with food prep before I fire up the grill.

For this particular pizza night at Grandma and Grandpa’s, we made pesto pizza (pesto, tomatoes, and mozz) and regular old pepperoni pizza.

You’ll get mad bonus points from me if you’re making your crust from scratch, but it’s totally not necessary. I’ve had good success with all kinds of homemade recipes (even sourdough!) but the dough featured in this post was lovingly made by Wegman’s 😉



One of my gluten-free readers found me this recipe for a great homemade gluten free crust that is apparently to die for.

I don’t have to eat gluten-free, but there are a growing number of loved ones in my life who do. Plus, the photos in the post make me kind of curious to try it because it looks like the thinnest, crunchiest homemade crust I’ve seen! Mine are usually difficult to roll out enough for them to be nice and thing and crispy like that. So let me know in the comments how it turns out if you try it!




STEP 1: Cut up some squares of tin foil. 

Mine are usually in small “personal” sizes because that’s how I like to make the pizza, but you can make them any size you want. Depending on the size of the grill, I’ve been able to fit two medium-sized pizzas on at a time.

But I like to make grilled pizza in personal sizes for two reasons. First, because everyone gets the opportunity to choose their own toppings. Great for a party! And second, because if your grill has hot spots, I find it easier to have the pizzas small so I can rotate them around more easily and (hopefully) prevent major crust burning.



STEP 2: Roll out the dough and lay it on foil covered with a layer of cornmeal.

This cornmeal step is super important because it’s what makes the “easy” part of this method work! As the crust bakes on the grill, the cornmeal keeps the pizza from sticking like craaaaazy to the foil. (Maybe I know this from experience. Maybe not.)

You’ll know you have enough of a cornmeal layer if you can gently shake the foil squares back and forth and the whole crust moves around a little.

So when in doubt, going overboard with the cornmeal layer is not going to harm your pizza. Not having enough of a layer will cause you sticky problems that can be fixed, but are a pain in the butt. So trust me, just use a freaking lot of cornmeal and you’ll be set. 



Once you’ve finished “decorating” your pizza (as Elsa and Anna like to say) it’s time for…


STEP 3: Slide the pizzas, foil and all, onto the grill for the first half of baking. 

Again, all burners should be set to low.



Once you’ve got your first round of pizza’s going you can step away for a bit. It takes about 15-20 minutes total for them to cook, depending on your dough.

If you’re working alone on this lovely pizza project, now’s the time to finish decorating the rest of your pizzas.

If you have help, now’s a great time to crack open a beer and soak up some wonderful outdoor therapy! 



STEP 4: Remove pizzas from foil. 

This is where the magic happens!



Try not to burn your little fingers, but you want to gently slide the pizzas off the foil. Sometimes they still stick a little, and sometimes you might rip the foil into a giant mess that is totally unphotogenic it’s still a little hard to get them free, but don’t give up!

If the pizzas are still REALLY sticking to the foil, they might not be cooked enough to release, yet. So give them a few more minutes.

If all else fails, which I may or may not have extensive experience with 😉 you maybe didn’t put enough cornmeal on the foil. BUT FEAR NOT! You’ll just have to remove them from the grill and wait a few minutes. As they cool down, the moisture from the dough will start to help release the foil and you can peel it off gently.



STEP 5: Pop those bad boys back on the grill to finish getting crispy. 

Here’s where you really want to watch the bottoms to try to avoid burning. Some charring is a part of what makes grilled pizzas so yummy… but it’s a tricky business finding the sweet spot.

I have faith in you!



I generally find they’re done when you start to see some cheese-melty-action in the middle of the pizza. With thicker dough like this, you probably won’t see bubbling, but with thinner more crispy-style pizzas, I watch for cheesy-saucy-bubbles in the middle.

Also I fly by the seat of my pants on all of this, which I hope is obvious at this point! 😉 



STEP 6: ENJOY with family and friends! 



So what do you think? Have you ever tried this method? Do you have any other ideas?

One thing I love so much about social media is that I get really great ideas from YOU kind readers! 

The foil idea was from a friend from high school I haven’t seen in over 10 years! (Hi Laura!) and it’s truly magical!

HAPPY GRILLING everyone! Please pin and share!