I know how you feel…



…When you ask for a big fancy camera and you pull it out of the box and realize you had no idea just how complicated it was going to be.

82 buttons. Did it really have to have 82 buttons?

Fear not, there’s another 171 photography class coming up with yours truly. Join me for five weeks of discussion on the finer points of good composition AND the meaning behind all those buttons on your new (or old) (or new to you) DSLR camera.

We’re going to unlock your creative control and learn how to use Manual Mode! You’ll be able to actually get the bang for your buck you were hoping for in that camera.



Don’t take my word for it… here are two former students to share their thoughts after taking a class with me:

“This class was was such a fun experience! Jess brings such enthusiasm to the classroom, and really helped me feel more confident with my camera settings.” (Kara)

“This class is definitely worth the time and the money! I learned so much and had so much fun in this class! My favorite part was that we went out and tried new things and tested out the things we talked about in the class room. We went over everything I had questions or interests in.” (Kim)


To sign up for this class contact 171 Cedar Arts Center – call 936-4647 or email info@171cedararts.org

We’ll be meeting Friday nights starting January 19th from 5-7pm. 

The class is $112 for members and $134 for non-members.



You need to have a DSLR camera or a camera that has a manual mode function for this class. If you have questions about whether your camera has what I’m talking about, just email me at lifewjess@gmail.com or contact me here. 

You also need to be prepared for lots of fun photo walks outside, which could mean warm layers, depending on the weather.


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