Senior year is so important. And those photos are a big deal, too. You really need to commemorate your senior’s accomplishments and you also want to freeze this moment in time for yourself… that moment where they’re standing at the edge of adulthood and they’re about to fly!

And I really work hard to make senior sessions interesting. Here’s how…



1. Variety. Look, I know you’re just as sick as I am of looking at the same old boring poses of seniors. I will work up a sweat if that’s what it takes to get authentic photos of your kid. Also they’re really gonna need a killer headshot going forward and I’ve definitely got that covered. We look for interesting spots and we try interesting poses and I shake things up as much as I can.



2. Unconventional Props. I don’t have a dog (or a cat or a mouse or a parrot or whatever) but I know your senior loves the family pet. And I know they’re looking down the barrel of their last year at home and that means they’re gonna be really missing Fido in a year! I get that. And that’s why, besides the classic photos of senior-with-instrument or senior-with-favorite-hobby, I also love when we have a chance to catch senior-with-pet. So bring on the menagerie even if you have a St. Bernard. I’m ready. I think 😉



3. Laughter. Ohmygosh there is nothing worse than getting stuck in front of a professional photographer ALONE! But alas, this is a senior photoshoot so there’s no way around it. And while your senior certainly knows it’s coming, that doesn’t mean they’re looking forward to being front and center. I get that. And I am one of those people who can convince even the most awkward teenager that I’ve got them covered. Not only can they trust me to remove those stress pimples that sprouted as a result of your booking this shoot, but they can trust me to get some truly authentic photos that capture the real them.



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