When we were in Lancaster, PA on Spring Break I had SO MUCH FUN photographing Amish Country. 

As a woman who lives for photography and connects with clients through social media, a culture that prefers not to have any photographic images in their home and rarely even owns a phone is quite fascinating to me. Sometimes when I hear about the Amish I imagine what it would be like to live without my iPhone in my hand at least once every ten minutes of my waking hours.

But I couldn’t do it. For so many reasons, but specifically because of the fact that horses scare me 😉

My little ladies and I really enjoyed learning more about Amish culture and the rich heritage preserved in that area. 

Lancaster County is home to one of the largest communities of Amish in America!

I hope you enjoy these photos… they make me smile. There’s a sense of peace in the pastoral and simple way of Amish life…