So my siblings are pretty close. And one sister is about to abandon the family go off on an epic adventure to the Appalachian Trail.

Naturally we needed to do a quick sibling trip to celebrate and send her off! 



She suggested Montreal and the rest is history!



First of all, everyone remember that I’m not a travel expert and in fact, I’m absolutely terrible with maps and directions so take all of my advice with a lot of grains of salt 😉

But I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you do travel up there, maybe a tip or two from this post will be helpful! 

I like this map app. I used it a lot in Europe because the offline feature gave me peace of mind.



Okay so our hotel was AMAZING and I highly recommend it if you’re traveling in a small group. Trylon Apartments and Hotel has fully furnished spaces in a great location. Comfy and clean and well-priced. We didn’t have time to use it, but there was even a pool. We did check out the rooftop terrace… in the dark… in the freezing cold… briefly 😉

We had everything we needed in the kitchen and the paid parking was totally worth it. We were able to easily walk to most of what we wanted to see, plus to local grocery stores and restaurants.

And the balcony view was GREAT! 



For food, I was pretty pumped to try the local specialty – poutine. French fries loaded with salty cheese and gravy? OMG I’m having food daydreams again.

We also ate at a really delicious Irish Pub called McKibbins (at 3515 St Laurent Blvd – just a couple blocks from Trylon) where I had a heart full of miss for Dublin and a tummy full of delicious shepherd’s pie.



My favorite food stop was the Three Brothers Brewery – Les 3 Brasseurs.

Excellent excellent beer-food-atmosphere! I highly recommend.



We hit the famous park, Mount Royal, twice. Once in the evening and once for the sunrise. It’s super easy to drive to and there is plenty of parking.

The lookout over the city is stunning. 

Frederick Law Olmsted is my new park-designing crush. Besides his studly beard he has a mighty impressive resume. He designed such famous parks as Mount Royal in Montreal and Central Park in NYC, and he also worked on small, relatively unknown parks, like Highland Park in Rochester… which is where my parents ended up getting engaged at a Lilac Festival! (I know right, awwwwww)



Walking around in Old Town reminded me so much of France that I started missing my France-obsessed-bestie, macrons, and all our favorite French places all at once.



It’s fun to walk around and poke your head into the shops. Touristy, obviously, but let’s not kid ourselves here, that’s what we are after all 😉



Definitely check out the Basilica in Old Town. We miscalculated on opening times and weren’t able to go inside this trip. But I hear it’s amazing and definitely worth the tour.




And speaking of the Basilica, we found the best coffee shop (a very important stop each day for this family) just down the block on the Rue Notre-Dame… Espace Cafe.

Really great service and excellent coffee. We sat and chatted in there for awhile.



We loved walking down both sides of the river.



An easy metro ride under the river brought us to the Biosphere Environment Museum. Lots of really great information and cool exhibits.



If you visit Montreal in the winter, I think you get a really good taste for the local ice-and-slush culture.

Locals don’t stop walking or riding their bikes just because there’s snow everywhere. So wear good (waterproof) shoes/boots and dress in warm layers. We were blessed with a very sunny weekend, but the mornings and evening were still freezing.

I have a couple funny stories of capsizing my doc martens, but if you pay better attention (like, if you aren’t constantly trying to take a picture) you can avoid the worst of the puddles.



Last tip – Don’t punk out and skip the sunrise. 

It’s worth it times a million. Just be prepared to lose all the feeling in your extremities 😉 Like I said, STILL WORTH IT.



It was definitely my favorite part of the trip and we definitely almost didn’t do it because I was definitely whining about getting up early in the cold.

Don’t be like me 😉 Get your tush up to Mount Royal some morning and get the whole Montreal experience!

And that was our trip! Short and sweet, sunny and slushy, tons of great family memories. I hope you had fun “touring” with me!



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