When we went to New York City in March, my boyfriend was pretty excited to have me try 99 Cent Pizza.

Which I thought sounded a lot like garbage-pizza 😉 

You see, pizza is my favorite favorite favorite food!

And I was certainly skeptical that it could be any good for such a price.



I love it and would probably eat it every day if I could.

I love it with all the toppings I can get – the more veggies the better! I love it with hot sauce. I love it dipped in ranch (you know, to make it extra classy and healthy!) I love it grilled. I love it from any restaurant on Market Street, but especially Atlas. (I pretty much only scoff at Pizza Hut and I don’t think anyone can blame me there amiright?)

I even love it from Italy, where he complained that it was ridiculous to serve a pizza the size of someone’s upper body and expect them to eat it with a fork and knife. I mean, you COULD cut it into slices and eat it with your fingers if you didn’t mind broadcasting to the sweet old Italians how very much of a classic American Tourist you are. (see example above!)



Anyways as an avid pizza lover, I was not going to knock this garbage-sounding-pizza till I’d rocked it at least once.

Plus, my man feels really nostalgic about it because it was one of his favorite go-to meals on the cheap when he was at optometry school. (That and halal food from the delicious smelling street vendors, which we also enjoyed.)



You guys. It was NOT BAD! 

I mean, it wasn’t Atlas. And it wasn’t grilled. And it was only cheese. But that’s how they’re making money! And it’s kind of a fun business model… just a dodgy little closet of a standing-room-only restaurant where they machine gun hot delicious cheese pizza at you all day long. Not a bad idea!

And I can’t argue with the ratio of speed to quality, which you would expect to be NOT in the consumer’s favor in this case… because it was pretty damn delicious and we were out the door on our way to the subway in less than 10 minutes, including eating two pieces each and splitting a soda. Total cost was around $5!



Ahhhh New York City, so many interesting and amazing things you have to offer us.

Not sure I will put 99 Cent Pizza in the Top 10 or anything 😉

But still, it’s an easy thing to have checked off my “culinary” bucket-list. Anyways, thanks Babe. That was fun!

The pizza and the weekend…



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