It’s taking painfully long to work through the edits on my hundred and hundreds of photos from Italy this fall. I wish I could just accept them as-is and have them be ready, but I can’t.

I fully embrace the lovely phrase “better done than done perfect” but when it comes to my art, my photography, I just have to do some work to be happy with what I show the world.

I can’t un-know what I know about how much more I love my images after I’ve edited them!

It takes hours. And hours and hours. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks.

Sometimes I get frustrated because it’s such a big project. And it gets interrupted often with real life demands and other photography (clients take priority over my vacation photos, after all.)

But then I’m so pleased.

In the end, it’s worth it to me. Even if no one besides a fellow digital artist would understand why I would put so much effort into these photos or why it takes so damn long to finish a set, I know. And it matters to me. Because not only do my photos shine with consistent exposure and small blemishes omitted, but they shine with the sparkle and pop from my unique style of digital editing.

So, for example, no other photographer could exactly recreate the images I have from my trip. In part because of the reality that they weren’t standing right next to me using my exact gear on that exact day. But in part because of the love I show my photos in editing. That’s my unique stamp, if you will. 

And I’m proud of that. Even if I’m sometimes impatient with myself and my time limits. My work in the digital darkroom matters to me and so I will plug away at it always.



But in the style of “better done than done perfect” or, as I read recently from this great book, “better done than none” (Check out {my affiliate link} here) I really want to at least show you my ten favorite photos from the first city we visited.

No time for a *true* blog post, alas. But at least here are some of those images I’ve been working so hard on!

There are obviously so many stories to share from this one city alone, but as previously discussed, I am backlogged with about 750 other things to do which include even more trip photos to edit. So today, I have to accept that soon I have to move onto such boring chores as my monthly recycling and my other adult duties and mom tasks for the day.

I hope you love them!



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