So I have to ask…

When’s the last time you and your sweetheart had professional photos taken together? 

If the answer is your wedding day I’m going to reach through the computer and pop you in the forehead.



I get it though, so I’ll try to be nice here. But it’s true – everyone needs to get photos taken together. REGULARLY people, regularly! You need to remind your significant other that they matter to you! We get professional photos of things that matter to us. Weddings, babies, special events and milestones.

You should look at these photos as a way to commemorate another year of your love! 




A lot happens between the cute engagement photos of your passionate youth and the deep love that only years together can bring.

And a lot of what is happening isn’t something you think to record often. But if a picture says a thousand words, then that’s why I work so hard to show as much emotion and connection as possible in my couples photography. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to document this important journey.




Your relationship is not the same this year as it was on that special day.

Pictures are like bookmarks in the chapters of our stories, and each chapter deserves notice!



You never know what’s going to happen in a year.

This photo was taken of a couple to commemorate their “just us” time before they started trying for a baby “someday”… little did any of us know, she was actually pregnant already at the time this photo was taken!  I was back to do maternity photos less than a year later 😉

And not to get sad and heavy, but life is short and we know it. I had a precious family lose a loved one in the year following a photo shoot. Those photos are now the last professional images they have of the family member who is no longer with them. So don’t wait…




You know another reason you should give this a try? So you can torture your photo-averse partner! No no no we want to encourage them!

I know, for some it can be a little like dragging a cranky 15-year-old boy to a prom shoot. Not everyone likes getting their picture taken… and we can’t force them. Well, I guess we can, but it would be questionable business ethics for me to participate 😉

But instead of pulling teeth or bribing, what if getting photos together was a gentle way for you to remind them you love and accept them 100% just the way they are now? That you’re proud of them, proud to be theirs, and you want photos to show off and enjoy.



Professional photos are another way to acknowledge that the two of you are what started it all. I know, your great-aunt wants a classic family photo for the Christmas card. But this life you’re building? It’s not all about those darling kiddos and you know it!

You both deserve a quiet kid-free moment to celebrate the two of YOU!



Also, keep in mind that you can convince your special someone to get photos taken by capitalizing on this special – Book two sessions at once and get the second one 50% OFF!

Send me an email and we’ll talk options! I really want you to make one of them a couples session. But I do a little of everything so whether your family’s in need of a senior session, an event, or a family shoot, we can tailor the deal to whatever you need!



So seriously, make a Valentine’s Day Resolution today.

As you stare across the candlelight at your Valentine, talk about when to get a professional shoot on the calendar this year. Make sure you celebrate the two of you with some photos of just the two of you!



I happen to know a really great gal you can use in the Corning area 😉

She makes it a lot of fun, trust me.