I’m really proud of my ladies for how hard they’ve worked this school year. But I’m happy for them that it’s almost time for PLAY!

School is almost over y’all! It’s crazy.



What’s even crazier is that we finally just started walking to school again. It feels like it’s been six months.



I guess it has actually been that long. We had the kind of NY winter that lasts until April this year, something I haven’t experienced in almost a decade since living abroad. (And yes, I sort of count Mississippi as “abroad”, especially where the weather is concerned.)

It’s not just that it was cold and rainy and sometimes snowing on and off in March and April, it’s also that I was just out of habit.

I’m still a firm believer in the German phrase “no bad weather only bad clothing.” But it does take a little too much effort (for me) to brave certain types of NY winter weather (with kids.)

Even on a nice day, we have to get out the door at least 10 minutes earlier than usual to get to school on time by walking. Maybe 10 minutes earlier isn’t hard for you, but it’s freakin hard for me. And my kids are more tired in the mornings during the winter months. So we just get lazy I guess. And I drive the 8 blocks instead of walking, and I get home to my computer before 8:30 a little bit grumpy and desperate for my coffee.


But I forgot how much that breath of fresh air revitalizes our mornings. 

Y’all I HATE mornings. Being a single mom is probably not the main reason it sucks, but it does suck. It feels lonely and frustrating to be the one to drag those poor smooshy monkeys out of bed each morning and then to feel like the biggest bad guy on the face of the planet as I follow them around all bossy-pants to make sure we remember all the $hit we need for the day plus get our hair brushed and maybe floss those teeth and hopefully remember the gym shoes.

It makes me crazy some mornings. I feel frazzled and drained within an hour of waking up! 



When we started walking to school again, the remembrance of what that does for me (for us!) slammed into the reality of my hectic mornings. It doesn’t even matter if it’s raining… we still love it!

Yes, we still have the crappy rush to get out the door and remember all the things.

But then we have a half hour “commute” that restores all our souls. 

It’s finally Spring.



We hear birds, we see squirrels, we take deep gulps of fresh air that smells like grass and dirt and morning dew. We hold hands and they chat with me about the most random lovey things. We race like “cheetahs and gazelles” (which I don’t have the heart to address is NOT a friendly race out there in the wild) and we talk about the trees and we giggle and I remind them that we do still need to keep walking so we aren’t late.

By the time I drop them off and walk at a more adult pace back to the house, I’m calm again.

Still very much ready for my coffee 😉 but calm at least.

It’s wonderful. And it reminds me why I choose to live within walking distance of my daily needs.



One foot in front of the other is my mantra for everything these days.

The transition from the mad dash to the end of school to the summer is always a little chaotic. And it’s not like “summer” is synonymous with “calm” or anything… I’ve already filled up most of July with FUN 😉

So we’ll keep taking our long walks and bike rides and I’ll try to love every fresh minute of it!


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